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Pros-N-Joes - 2014

West Palm Beach, FL


Bryce Corrand - 2014

Bryce killing it in Orlando, 2014 - O'town Watersports

James Loisel - 2013

Check out the view from above with my new waterproof quad as James rips it up at O'town Watersports, Orlando.

Bryce Corrand - 2013

Bryce was back in Orlando, in August, and we got a chance to film before he flew back to France.
Check out a couple of quick sets with Bryce as he trained with Glen Fletcher at O'town Watersports.

Damien Adam

Madagascar. Yeah, everybody knows that place. Weren't there some zoo animals there or something???
Anyway, from somewhere around THAT place comes the next name in wakeboarding.
Check out Damien Adam ripping it up at O'town Watersports.
More to come soon on WakeboardingFilms.com

James Loisel - 2012

I can't imagine what it feels like to ride just feet below a helicopter. It has to be awesome though, because I love flying over it.
Check out James Loisel in 2012 doing his thing on WakeboardingFilms.com

Pros N Joes 2012

We had and awesome day full of entertainment this year at the Pros N Joes event in West Palm Beach, FL.
Check out the killer riding we filmed this November on WakeboardingFilms.com.

1 set with Jorge Gill

Watch, as Jorge Gill takes a quick set at O'town Watersports upon his arrival back to the U.S. More to come soon… Sick riding, bro.

2012 Gravel Tour Stop 5

Check out the great riding in the 2012 Gravel Tour Finals hosted by Performance Ski and Surf at the Orlando Watersports Complex.

Coming Soon to a Cable Near You

Keenan Allen gives us a taste of what's to come next year as a new member of the Ronix team.
Congrats man.

Charlotte (Street Fighter) Bryant - 2012

Charlotte did some training at O'town Watersports while she was in the U.S. this Spring.
We got a chance to meet up, do some filming, and chop up some bananas while she was here.
You definately don't want to get into a sword fight with this girl, lol.

FTHDS = Winching Fun Anywhere

I'm sure by now, you have seen a few videos of my Wench. She goes everywhere with me! LOL
Especially now that I have the FTHDS. The Ford Tow Hitch Delivery System.
Anyway, before everyone hates on our less than professional riding in this video, remember that It's supposed to be about having fun,
not just winning competitions. And if anyone wants to come try out my new line of winches, give me a shout.


Danno the Mano - Crash of the Day

Barefoot Blowout. This is the first chance I ever had to film barefooting. Really cool to watch. It is definately an experience.
Check out Danno's killer SkiFree Crash of the Day on WakeboardingFilms.com

Damien Adam - Crash of the Day

A new rider at O'town Watersports was throwin' down some massive Railey's and took a couple to the face.
Check out "up and coming" Damien Adam's Crash of the Day on WakeboardingFilms.com






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