Wake Games - Day 1 - 2012

Check out the Pro Men and Women in their qualifying round at the first day of the Nautique Wake Games 2012
as they ride behind the awesome new G23 for the first time.

Wake Games Day 2

Check out the Jr. Pro Men and Jr. Women at Day 2 of the Nautique Wake Games 2012.
By the way, have you noticed a lot of arial shots lately??? Pretty sweet, huh!!!

Wake Games 2012 - Day 3

It's never a dull day when Murray's around. Check out his new tool that will revolutionize wakeboarding as we know it. LOL.
And check out the athletes at the 2012 Wake Games on wakeboardingfilms.com

Wake Games 2012 - Day 4 - Finals

Day 4 at the Nautique Wake Games April 14, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Check it out on WakeboardingFilms.com











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